Tuesday, July 1, 2008

In Your Face DreamWorks!

I came back not too long ago (9:15 or so) from seeing Wall-E; so here is my semi-review and thoughts on the movie.

Mr. Gregg and Charlie met us at the theater for a 7 O' clock showing at the Chabot Cinema in Castro Valley. One of the best things (aside from the movie of course!) was that as I returned to my seat after getting up, I came in only to see Big Buck Bunny (the latest open-source Blender film) playing on the screen! (the theater must have needed some fill-time or something). The sound was too low, but who cares; the movie was still there in it's high-definition glory, and it was so great to see. "Hey dad, that's the Blender movie on the screen!"

And now, back to our feature presentation

Though it isn't my favorite Pixar movie, Wall-E is an excellent movie. I loved it's themes of good stewardship, and taking care of others, and what God has given us. I wish there had been more character development, but at least the plot is over-the-top (in a very good way) to help fill it in.

[SPOILER] The love between Wall-E and Eve was very moving to me (and actually cute), and my eyes were a little bit wet at the end scene, but not even close to crying. And I say that with no embarassment. =) If you saw it, you'd understand, I'm sure.

The tribute to Apple was pretty funny too; I noticed 3 things which I list here.
1. Video Ipod
2. All computer sound effects were from Mac OSX.
3. The designer of Eve was the same person who designed the Ipod (from what I hear).

There is a pleasant amount of humor in the movie, even down to the Chuckie doll in Wall-E's truck, the spork, or the cleaning robot, Mo. Now, there is far more humor then that, but the mentioned items are just a few subjects that come to mind.
The level of detail is astounding, even more so than the previous films; and it was quite fun to witness the beautiful world of space and Earth. The animation was top-notch, and I love how Pixar decided to try something different and go with the art of pantomime. It was also fun to have the sound design all done by Ben Burtt, the man who worked on Star Wars.

If you were doubtful of Wall-E, at least know that I give it 4.5 stars (though I'm sort of biast towards Pixar.) =) Anyway, I hope you've enjoyed my thoughts on Wall-E in yet another blog post.

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