Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Sigma and links

Not much today, just a few neat links.

Hooray for Sigma! Yeah, the camera has a few flaws, but hey; it's the first of it's class!
Recently, I was telling Sarah about how I wished a company would make a raw-shooting digital camera that was very decent, and it looks like my talk has become reality (and an expensive one at that).
Finally, something to go against Canon's PowerShot motto of "all you have to do is point and push a button." Yes, I have a PowerShot (A560), but I don't want to be like the no-brainer consumer that just wants to take a "picture". Maybe the other mainstream companies (Nikon, FugiFilm, Canon) will take a hint and improve on Sigma's design (and then maybe I can afford one because of competition). *Grins*

As with Firefox, I'm happy to say that I was one of the 8 million plus people that helped set the record. The day it came, out, I actually got very excited, even to the point of telling my friend, Tony how cool the scrolling tab bar was, or the new location-bar features.

I'm going to go exercise and then probably read some more of my Blender book.
The tough part is deciding whether to take a bike-ride or use the weight-bench...



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