Saturday, October 25, 2008


Yesterday, I was writing answers to my geography questions and amidst a certain one, typed something like "he would *insert action here*"; my automatic response was to quickly erase the line and replace it with "he or she would (you know the rest)". A short time after, it occurred to me how modern culture makes changes in ways we sometimes do not even realize, whether it be writing a simple "equal" answer or even just certain responses that our brain adapts to using.

Now, you may object to the equality part and say that it was just common sense to put in "he or she", and that can work; it's just that the thought in my head immediately said "you should change that, someone may read that and wonder why you didn't include both genders!" (The horror!)

It is also possible that it's just my mind being rather strange throughout school...

Methinks it's time for a shower and then bed.
Have a good Sabbath everyone (I started to type shower instead of Sabbath). *Slaps head*



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