Sunday, December 7, 2008


Yesterday, I was writing here a bit on my work on improving my handwriting, and then Blogger had to not auto-save and subsequently crash, leaving me wondering if I couldn't recover my post, or maybe just chanced to be a blundering idiot. <_<
As of today, our Christmas decorations are mostly up; sans a few final touches.
Also, some of us in the family decided that longer Christmas and shorter Summer vacations seem good for this year, and so Friday will be our last day, for a few weeks at least.

In this season of Advent, I noted how our family doesn't really participate in it in any way, and looked for ways to change that. After some discussions, the result was christened last night, with some meditations compiled by Randy Booth, topped off with dessert and conversations by Dad, Geoff, and myself (it was very pleasant). The major focus on Advent this year has specifically succeeded to make this December all the better than the previous. But then again, that is no surprise.

God bless!



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