Friday, February 27, 2009

Without a Title

It's interesting to note how much time entertainment takes out of our life (not necessarily in a bad sense), and how everyone enjoys an excellent film.

After just watching a movie (Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban), I was thinking about morals and stories. The foundation is the story, off of which all the other elements will pivot. Of course, a final composition will also require everything else to be top-notch, but films will fail with the lack of an excellent story. The reason why this is true is because humanity's own world is designed the same way; our God is a master storyteller.

And this is also true since we find ourselves identifying and relating with certain aspects of stories like the battle between good and evil manifested in a certain way, because the relationship is the same in our world. Obviously the powers of both sides vary from story to story, but you get the idea.

That's all I'm going to write for tonight (maybe there will be a few more posts on this subject), but I felt like I had to post this, as I came rather suddenly into the mood that was perfect this post, that made me feel in awe of the way God has created each individual person in His image with the vivid and intricate depths of the mind that enable us to go out and create things such as films, music, books, and so on, but also giving us each a soul to be able to identify and relate to each single work in the precise manner the author desires us to.

This hard-to-explain mood is the kind that makes you wonder at how God has not created everything dull and gray, but added color in a wonderful way that makes us realize the unfathomable depths of our Creator and how we ourselves could not have been designed any better than we originally were, and shall continue to be transformed into, from bios to zoe, as C.S. Lewis would say.




Christina said...

I totally agree. you can have amazing characters, and have them be played by great actors. But without a good story no one will really like it(those who have a good opinion of movies and won't watch just any junk even if it does have gwneth paltroe or Orlando bloom. If the story isn't good, the movie won't be good.

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