Tuesday, February 10, 2009

I've been slightly absent in posting for a few weeks, but here's something new.

Just today, I listened to an excellent lecture on Harry Potter from Jeffrey Meyers, a CREC pastor
(at least I think he is). It covers various arguments and criticisms against the novel series, positive themes and elements, and even goes on to talk a little about the author's faith. If you have negative thoughts about Harry Potter, maybe you should give this a listen and then see if you are interested in
reading one of the best-selling series of all time. And then again, don't unless you want to of course. ^_^

Philosopher's Sorcerer's Stone, here I come!



Christina said...

hey Brad,
I think that harry potter is wrong because it is about witches and warlocks. They are evil and the Bible says that witches and warlocks are abominations. They also use evil spirits to do their spells. The real witches in the world will take poeple just for their spells. My mom once had a friend who was married to a warlock and he cast spells on her.
This is my personal opinion.

Bradley said...

Hi Christina,

Since replying to your comment with yet another will end up being very lengthy, I might address it a later post or two.


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