Sunday, March 1, 2009


As you can see, I finally decided to change the template of my blog (don't mind the monster, he won't eat the whole page). Since I don't do my own website design, I went with a pre-made template (as a fair bit of people do), something kind of fun that stands out a little more than my previous minimalistic one.

That's all for now.



Christina said...

I'm trying if this works. If it does please email me.
I like the new backround. When I was in Germany, we were watching TV at my cousins house and the monster was in a comercial five times. I don't know what it was for. But it was annoying watching the same comercial over and over again.

Bradley said...

Heh, that's funny. I've seen this monster before too - I don't really know what his origin is from though.

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