Thursday, March 12, 2009

Well, well, your author finally decided to reply to all his fan mail imaginary letters filled with awfully annoying comments about his (did I mention imaginary?) lack of "observations"...

He attributes his short absence to the cause of being "under the weather", if you know what I mean, claiming that he is recovering well, do to the enormous moderate amounts of tea he is drinking, er, or was that hot rum? That is all I have to say for now; Mr. Machamer will be well soon enough to write the next post.


Executive Secretary to Bradley Machamer, Head-in-Chief of the Department of Literary Nonsense,

Alastaire Lockwood


Christina said...

Hehehehe. That's funny Mr. Lockwood.
Will you please tell Mr. Machamer that his electicity bill is late, and I need it now?
Sincerly, Miss Gertrude Madovac A.K.A the chairman of Tansylova&Co.

Bradley said...


I regret to inform you with great disappointment that Mr. Machamer has rejected your non-existent bill and has randomly decided to mail you a large feathered hat for his imposition on your precious time, er, or something of the sort


Alastaire Lockwood (by George, I love my name too!)

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