Thursday, March 5, 2009

Just this evening, I am starting to re-read one of my animation books I have dropped several times before (The Animator's Survival Kit. And no, I don't mean that sort of dropping). It is really frustrating when you are diligently doing something from time to time in a scheduled sort of way, and end up in some way or another ceasing from practicing or doing whatever that thing was, only to end up dusting it off a few months (or maybe more) later to start over again, having lost the benefits of what you learned, at least partially.

For me at least, I have suffered the consequences of that several times, and it is hard to stay focused on something you want to do, when each week brings different workloads and focuses. I guess the key is to just keep slowly plugging away at it...




Christina said...

I know! That happened to me recently. I kept forgeting to do spelling and then I wasn't sure how to spell something when I was writing a note to my mom. And then she caught it and said, "Have you been doing your spelling lately?" I was like, "Oops, no." And then I had to like restart the whole thing. It was pretty annoying. I mean, I'm still at the same place, but it's annoying when you get your schedule together and then something botches it all up.

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